Diablo 4: Seznam známých affixů

Redditor u/TheDarkAmbience složil ze všech možných i nemožných zdrojů seznam affixů z demoverze Diablo 4.

Běžné affixy

  • Defensive

    • x Max Life
    • x% Damage Reduction
    • x% Dodge Chance
    • x% Damage Reduction from Enemies within Melee Range
    • x% Damage Reduction from Enemies out of Melee Range
    • x% Fire Resistance
    • x% Lightning Resistance
    • x% Cold Resistance
    • x% Poison Resistance
    • x% Reduced Damage from Elites, Bosses, and Players
    • x% Reduced Duration of Enemy Control Impairing Effects
  • Offensive

    • x% Attack Speed
    • x% Critical Strike Chance
    • x% Critical Strike Damage
    • x% Increased Duration of Control Impairing effects
    • x% Damage
    • x% Physical Damage
    • x% Damage to Stunned Targets
    • x% Damage to Immobilized Targets
    • x% Damage to Vulnerable Targets
    • x% Damage to Enemies in Melee Range
    • x% Damage to Enemies out of Melee Range
    • x% Damage to Slowed Targets
    • x% Increased Damage against Elites
    • x% Fire Damage
    • x% Cold Damage
    • x% Lightning Damage
    • Hit Effect: Up to x% Chance to Slow
    • Hit Effect: Up to x% Chance to Slow on Crit
    • Hit Effect: Up to x% Chance to Stun
    • Hit Effect: Up to x% Chance to Stun on Crit
  • Resource Management

    • x% Cooldown Reduction
    • +x Maximum Mana (Sorcerer Only)
    • +x Maximum Fury (Barbarian Only)
    • x% reduced Fury cost for skills (Barbarian Only)
    • x% reduced Spirit cost for skills (Druid Only)
    • x% reduced Mana cost for skills (Sorcerer Only)
  • Other

    • x% Movement Speed
    • x% increased movement speed for 6 seconds on Elite kill
    • +x rank to (insert skill here)

Legendární affixy

  • Hit Effect: Your attacks have up to x% chance to spawn a hydra that will aid you in combat
  • Lightning strikes a nearby enemy dealing x damage whenever you shapeshift
  • +x to your equipped skills
  • Fireball launches 3 projectiles that deal x% of normal damage
  • Lightning Traps periodically appear around you dealing x damage after 2 seconds to nearby enemies
  • Upheaval ignites the ground burning enemies for an additional x damage of 3 seconds
  • Weapon mastery skills have an additional charge
  • Cut to the Bone talent activates against enemies that are hit by your shouts instead of stuns
  • Critical strike chance increased by x% against bleeding enemies
  • Your shouts generate x Fury per second while active
  • Cast Nova at your Teleport location
  • Teleport moves you to a random location and costs x mana instead of having a cooldown
  • Teleport grants a barrier that absorbs x% of your maximum life for 15 seconds
  • Teleport forms a rift in your path that increases your critical strike chance by x% for 5 seconds

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